Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Count Von Alten

Alten was a Hanoverian who commanded the King’s German Legion Brigade in the Peninsular under Moore and later went on to lead the famous Light Division under Wellesley. At Quatre Bras and Waterloo he was in command of the 3rd Division which included Halkett’s British Brigade, Ompteda’s KGL Brigade and Kielmansegge’s Hanoverian Brigade.

Bruce Quarrie says of Alten that he was “a talented and inspiring commander” but I also found a quote on Wikipedia that has him down as “pedestrian” although to be fair, that was in comparison to Craufurd from whom he took over command of the Light Division. Whatever his abilities there is no doubt that he led from the front as he was wounded at both Salamanca and Waterloo.

This casting is probably a David Clayton one rather than a vintage Hinton Hunt one although it’s very hard to tell – all the Clayton personality figures I have are indistinguishable from vintage ones. The horse though is more easily identifiable as Clayton due to the one long plug mark along the base (vintage castings have two distinct separate plug marks).

BN/254 Lieut-Gen. Charles, Count von Alten in General’s full dress uniform (horse BNH/11). Beautifully painted by Matt B.


Anonymous said...

A lovely figure, will he have an Aide de Camp?



Stryker said...

Thanks Paul - no probably not, that honour is reserved for army C-in-C's only!

Al said...

First time I've had a decent look at this work mate, some lovely figures on display. Cool Blog

Kev said...

Although not Hinton IAN- the figure is still very nice- look forward to following Your Site once again. KEV.

Stryker said...

Thanks Al & Kev!