Monday, 22 June 2015

Vintage Waterloo - prequel

Roy got together with his friend Matthew on the 18th for a test game of Vintage Waterloo. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend but Matthew took a few photos of proceedings and I’m posting them here to whet your appetite ready for the big day.

French infantry and artillery lined up in front of the ridge (Hougoumont on the left)

The Brunswickers were apparently beaten out of the woods but the French failed to take the Chateau

Great model of Hougoumont Roy has made!

Impressive looking attack by the French - surely it would succeed with a few more turns played?

Now that's what I call a Grand Battery (La Haye Sainte on the left)

The Guard in reserve near La Belle Alliance.

Love the rifles in the sandpit - can't wait until my own boys of the 95th can join them!

In total Roy had around 50 units on his 12 foot table and this was without the 20 or so I will be providing when we finally get together - can't wait!


A.W. KITCHEN said...

Looking good ! , Tony

paulalba said...

These are excellent Ian, look forward to your own, seems we are all going Waterloo mad!!!

Wellington Man said...


Stryker said...

Thanks for the comments chaps - looking forward to seeing it all for real myself.

'Lee. said...

Fine photos Ian, I look forward to the main event with everything on the table!

30th Foot will be there, do you have a set date yet for the battle?

James Fisher, FINS said...

Appetite suitably whetted!

lewisgunner said...

It was an impressive sight.mThere were in total 57 units of infantry and 14 of cavalry, so when we add in Ian's troops it will be even more impressive! I'd like to thank all of the chaps who painted units for me that participated, Peter Bateman, Alan Rogers, Matt Buck, Lee Gramson and Peter Walker. No way could I. have attained this scale of. troop provision without a lot of help!

Anonymous said...