Saturday, 3 January 2015

WIP Black Watch Colour Guard

I found a little time last night to start work on the Black Watch colour guard. The converted figures are the DK version of BN/30 Officer (charging) that Jack sent to me last month.

The conversion job required a bit of arm bending (nerve wracking) followed by the creation of bionic green stuff hands to hold the flag-poles. Please take note (Roy) that I have gone to great efforts to correctly position the flag pole against the body rather than take the easy option of having it resting on the ground.

I’ll post pictures of these lads again when I’ve finished painting them.


lewisgunner said...

I am impressed! next you will be cutting out little slings from lead foil and draping them over the shoulders of the flag bearer. Do be sure and paint the bottom of the flagpole white to show the white leather cup that the base of the staff fitted into!
I do think that one can quite legitimately put the base of an overlong staff into the base of the figure because practicality dictates that sometimes the hand of the little ensign is just not sufficient to support the flag and. some figures just cannot be adjusted to allow for a flag that goes to the little chap's abdomen and is sufficiently vertical to display nicely.
Two flags per unit really is deluxe treatment. Those Jocks are just basking in your love.
I am trying to get a new army onto your basing, but my painter man is moving and the flow if units has stopped at a vital stage.
Best New Year Wshes.

Stryker said...

Roy - if you zoom in on the image you will see that I did indeed make a cup for the flag to sit in but I stopped short of making a foil strap!

lewisgunner said...

Wow cup indeed! I am impressed!

the Archduke said...

I can see these chaps will be insufferable in the field....Is the unconverted figure a genuine HH? I'm looking for the differences. So far I've only got DK swords are more sword-like.

Stryker said...

The unconverted figure is indeed a vintage HH one - they are identical as far as I can see (although I wouldn't swear to it in court of course).

paulalba said...

Coming along grand Ian!

Anonymous said...

Good to see the unit taking shape