Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hungry for Austrians

Now as you know I am supposed to be concentrating on building up my Prussian forces at the moment but you may have detected over the last few posts that I am developing an appetite for Austrians. This slippage has been aided and abetted by the arrival this week of a package from Jack in the US.

 There's nothing quite like receiving a package of toy soldiers!

The figures are mostly Der Kreigspieler but there are a fair few Clayton Hinton Hunts and also one or two vintage castings as well. My favourite amongst them are some DK figures in an advancing pose 89/1 Fusilier advancing and 97/1 Grenadier advancing. This is because, unusually for DK, they appear to be an original work rather than a clone of a Hinton Hunt casting as Marcus didn’t produce figures in this particular pose.

As far as I can make out this figure is Der Kreigspieler 97/1 Grenadier advancing.

 And this is the fusilier version 89/1 Fusilier advancing. I like this pose because they will be easy to base up without their bayonets projecting into the rank in front!

There are also some very handy command figures including a Clayton standard bearer and DK drummers for both fusiliers and grenadiers. The drummers will save me the trouble of making any further conversions as Hinton Hunt never produced any for their Austrian range.

This charging officer pose is one of my favourite Hinton Hunt (er, I think I mean 'Der Kreigspieler') creations.

DK drummers - hooray, no more conversions!

Jack also included a very nicely painted DK version of AN.77 Austrian Dragoon (mounted), charging. This is another example of a DK casting being almost as good as a Hinton Hunt one and certainly once painted and based these figures would be very hard to tell apart from vintage HH figures.

 DK Austrian dragoon - lovely paint job.

Thanks to Jack’s very generous supply of reinforcements (and allowing time for my ponderous painting output) I may eventually have enough troops available to turn any refight of Austerlitz into a famous victory for the Austrians!


Conrad Kinch said...

Fine looking fellows. Hurrah for the Kaiserlicks.

the Archduke said...

As you say, somebody has to play the Austrians.....the advancing grenadier figure in your picture looks a lot like the HH figure to me, but I have a habit of being wrong. Delighted with this turn of events.

Stryker said...

Archduke - I think it is probably based on a HH figure which is why it looks familiar. The only HH figure in a pose like that is the charging one which has one foot forward. Nice figure all the same and I am actually in the process of painting one - well and truly distracted from Prussians!

Anonymous said...

A nice bunch of austrians, will form a nice allied contingent.

Stryker said...

Thanks Paul - now I just need a corresponding amount of time to paint them all!

tidders said...

Yay! more to paint. Nice addition to your collection