Sunday, 14 April 2013

Voltigeur Air Guitar

I blame Matt entirely for this post because ever since he said my Voltigeurs look like they're playing air guitar I've been unable to see them any other way. No longer are they proud soldiers of France, instead they have turned into members of a rock band wearing Sergeant Pepper style dodgy uniforms. Let's hope they will still be able to help the Emperor maintain the Status Quo (boom-boom!).

Changing the subject, a very rare thing happened to me this week - I actually won a wargame! If you haven't seen it already (and don't believe me)
take a look at my ACW battle report over on Brother against Brother.


Anonymous said...

Rock on!

Conrad Kinch said...

Damn you! I have two battalions of those fellows.

'Lee. said...

I see what you mean! Great paint job though, should look suitably lively on the table.

Markus Schenk said...

Well a bit like the Headbangers Brigade.

Nice models.

tidders said...

Nice figs, add them to the regimental band :)

-- Allan

James Fisher, FINS said...

Matt's comment and now this follow-up post made my day. Still laughing.....!!!