Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Light Infantry Voltigeur

I normally paint a “test” figure whenever I start on a new Hinton Hunt type because I invariably tweak the paint job as it progresses. I didn’t do that with this one so ended up having to re-paint the plume and epaulets on all 6 of these Light Infantrymen, which goes to show that I shouldn’t try and cut corners.

The figure is FN/254 French Voltigeur in Plumed Shako (charging). I’m painting this one, together with his five friends, to represent the Voltiguer Company of my 9th legere unit. Progress has been slow on this unit because of other distractions but I hope to get a few more figures painted soon.

This figure is almost certainly a vintage one and was among the batch donated to me a while back by Douglas. I’ve been thinking recently that, given the title of this blog and my limited painting time, I really should focus on painting all my genuine vintage figures first before working on any more of the dubious types.


lewisgunner said...

Very nice. You are making painting your Hintons sound a bit like 'things to do before you die'. At least you will go with all your genuine HH in beautiful condition.
I still think the blue is a bit bright. I have lights in that sort of iridescent blue too.

Rafael Pardo said...

A great vintage picture!

Stryker said...

Roy - you're right there "a hundred figures types to paint before you die" - safer than bungee jumping. The blue looks lighter in the pic than it does in real life!