Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pole update

Well unbelievably it appears to be almost an entire month since my last post. My apologies to those of you requiring a more regular Hinton Hunt fix.

I haven’t painted any Hintons at all in these last few weeks as I’ve been painting stuff for another project but that’s nearly finished now, so I’ll be returning to the Poles shortly. In the meantime here’s a shot of the completed Voltigeur company of the 8th Regiment. The figures are:

1 x WN.25 Officer (marching)
5 x WN.23 Voltigeur (charging)

Only one of the figures pictured here is a genuine vintage casting but you’d be hard pressed to tell him apart from his colleagues and I’ve already lost track of which one it is.


'Lee. said...

Those look great Ian, glad to see you back posting again. Lovely paint job. May we ask what else you are working on? Could it be more ACW's?

All the best,

Stryker said...

Hi Lee - actually it was a regiment of 15mm Hessian Musketeers for my brothers birthday. They will be making an appearance soon on the "Brother against Brother" blog where we will be playing an AWI game!

paulalba said...

Yeah they do look great Ian, I am guessing the original is not the officer then ;0)

Stryker said...

Hi Paul, it's definitely not the officer - I think it's the one next to him!

lewisgunner said...

neat unit and very Polish looking going forward with élan.

How about a hornist conversion? :-))