Sunday, 15 January 2012

Prussian Jagers

I managed to find time to complete these three Prussian Jagers this week. They are PN/28 Prussian Jager (Jackbooted Riflemen), firing. I was aided by the fact that these are actually quite easy to paint being mostly dark colours and having no nasty white straps.

Painting these figures was a particularly nostalgic experience because the first wargame unit I ever painted completely by myself (at the age of twelve) was comprised of these same Hinton Hunt Jagers – although they were all in the advancing position. Back then I used Humbrol Matt Enamel’s with a very limited palette of colours (there wasn’t even a flesh colour available at the time so I used the Gloss shade “Mushroom”) but the finished figures weren’t too bad, all things considered. I’m certainly glad that things have moved on with the introduction of acrylics and the huge colour choice now available.

When I’ve finished the whole unit of 18 figures I will have achieved stage one of this project having two small but balanced forces, enough figures to play a decent game or two. Each army will comprise in units: 6 Infantry, 2 Light Infantry, 1 Heavy Cavalry, 1 Light Cavalry, 1 Horse Artillery and 2 Foot Artillery. Each Infantry and Cavalry unit will be led by a personality figure leaving the Duke and Napoleon free to take overall command of their respective forces.


Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Very nice looking figures there!

Best Regards,


The Old Metal Detector said...

They do look as though they are firing the salute at a funeral, though. Or anti-hot air balloon fire.

Stryker said...

Yes, or perhaps those rifles have a nasty recoil action?

Stryker said...

Noverre man - please contact me (my email contact is on my profile).