Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Battle of The Farm – Part Three

The Allied infantry columns were steadily closing with the French line to the right of The Farm but they were losing casualties in the process from the incessant skirmisher fire and the Austrian artillery (seconded for the day to the French army).

The Allied columns close with the French

Meanwhile, over at the Farm Napoleon moved to counter the Allied advance against the buildings by ordering the 4th Swiss into the vegetable garden to support the remaining skirmishers there.

The Swiss roll forward

On the far left the French cavalry had by now reformed after their earlier success and were preparing to turn the Allied left flank.

The French light cavalry reform and advance again

In response The Duke ordered Ponsonby to counter them with the Union Brigade, this time the Allied troopers held their ground and won the first round of melee.

Ponsonby charges the French light cavalry with the Union Brigade

By now the Allied infantry columns had advanced to within musket range of the French and the decisive moment of the battle arrived as the 45th Ligne raised their muskets to fire.

The 45th Ligne prepare to fire

The volley rang out and immediately the Splendid Splenys turned tail and ran leaving their comrades the Russians shaken and alone to face the 45th. At the same moment in the centre the Nassauer’s also took to their heels, only Blucher and the Silesian Landwehr showed much fighting spirit but it was all too late.

The Allied advance falls apart

The Duke ordered a general withdrawal and had to beat a hasty retreat on Copenhagen to avoid being swept up in the rout.

Humbugged again

France Two, England Nil, the war was not going well for the Allies...


Rafael Pardo said...

L'Empereur will be happy!
A great AAR. I like the pictures of the cavalry combats

Conrad Kinch said...

The traditional retreat (corunna, mons, dunkirk) before swinging back for the big win, I assure you.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the Duke is simply lulling the Emperor into a false sense of else can you explain the scorecard by Jingo!

paulalba said...

Cracking looking battle and collection Ian. You need to paint up some more allies :-)

Stryker said...

Paul - the good news is that I have a battalion of British Guards painted (thanks to Matt) and just waiting for me to base them. Now we'll show those Frenchies!!!


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Excellent looking units...great paintwork