Saturday, 11 June 2011

In the Pipeline

I did mention a few posts back that Matt had agreed to do some more painting for me. This is good news because I greatly admire Matt’s handiwork and particularly appreciate the way he takes care to produce figures in a style that fits neatly with my own efforts. It’s also good news because (as regular visitors will have spotted) my own painting out-put has gone from very little to almost nil despite my plan to have a monthly target.

So what’s in the pipeline? Firstly you will remember I have the composite unit of British Guards. These are mostly vintage castings in an assortment of poses gathered together from various sources. One or two may be later Clayton USA castings and one of the Officers and the drummer are Der Kriegspieler figures (but of the kind that are hard to tell apart from good HH ones). Below is the test figure I have painted for Matt as a guide.

BN/3 I love this pose – the only one like this in the entire HH range

After that Matt will be painting up an eighteen strong unit of French Voltigeurs. These are actually French Line Grenadier figures but as I don’t have any line Volitgeurs they will be standing in. Here again is my test figure.

FN/3 Lovely figure in a classic HH pose. This is a Grenadier painted as a Voltigeur

So that’s the hard bit done, all I have to do now is sit back and relax whilst Matt beavers away.

On a completely different note – we made another trip up to Scotland a couple of weeks ago and I finally got to visit Culloden. I had heard there was a Visitor’s Centre and was expecting some little wooden shed on the middle of the moor. What I wasn’t expecting was a multi-million pound gleaming truly excellent museum/visitors centre with well laid out battlefield trails.

View of the battlefield from the roof of the swanky Visitor’s Centre. The whole battle area is only about the size of six football pitches – much smaller than I imagined.

What a treat – and well worth the ten quid to get in (or free if you're a National Trust member).

And finally here's a neat new tune from my son Joe - follow the link and play "Lets move to France". Nice to think all the money we spent supporting him through his music degree and Masters may not have been wasted.


Rafael Pardo said...

With the anniversary of Waterloo approaching fast, the yours is a very adequate choice
Best regards

Conrad Kinch said...

Up GAAA-rds and at 'em!

lewisgunner said...

Now what did you do about the pouch ornament of the Grenadier who is now a voltigeur??


Stryker said...

Curses - I was hoping to get away with that!