Tuesday, 4 January 2011

French Grenadiers – done!

I did say that I would finish painting my French Grenadier battalion before Christmas and I actually did. It’s taken me since then however to get around to basing and photographing them. So without further ado here they are:

FN/2 Grenadier (charging) x 18
FN/10 Grenadier Sergeant (marching) x 3
FN/1 Officer (charging) x 1
FN/4 Colour Bearer (charging) x 1
FN/6 Drummer (charging) x 1

All the figures are vintage Hinton Hunt castings painted by yours truly.



marcher collone

se méfier de ces hommes sur les chevaux gris!

So what you see above is my entire painting output for 2010 a fairly pathetic total I’m sure you will agree. Let’s hope 2011 will be a little more generous towards me in terms of painting time.


Rafael Pardo said...

A well done work!
I understand your problems with painting.... my totals for 2010 are ridiculous low

lewisgunner said...

Then you must beat yourself with sharp twigs rafa and [promise to do better this year. what's the [point of a hobby if you don't have production targets and sales quotas and to make a report every month on performance against target.

Ian has slacked a bit on painting but he engaged a professional to subcontract the work and standards have not slipped. Meanwhile he has moved house and re set up his hobby room and that's a big piece of work. He has continued his excellent blog with great pics and some good examples of customer service.
I'm pretty sure that the blog exceeded its budget for regular viewers too.

So I am giving him an 8 out of 10 for 2010 and will be sending him a free figure as his incentive bonus. ;-))

Of course I am only pretending to be Ian's manager. The real one is the one who makes the lemon cake.


lewisgunner said...

PS, Those grenadiers are little jewels!!

Stryker said...

Rafa - I think Roy is a bit harsh about the beating with sticks. You may not have have painted much in 2010 but you have kept us entertained with battle reports!

Roy - what can I say? I just hope you speak up for me at the next shareholders meeting. BTW - production of Lemon drizzle cake has slipped somewhat as well...

paulalba said...

Really nice finish,
I was rushing to get a couple of things finished off for the end of the year too.
Keep up the great work for 2011!
All the best to you and yours!!!

Stryker said...

Cheers Paul - and the same to you!


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

I love to look at your stuff...you do excellent work