Saturday, 4 December 2010

On the carpet

This is another unit in my collection that hasn’t had much of a showing here. These infantry figures are RN17 Russian grenadier (marching) with RN11 officer (charging). The castings are all vintage and they were the very first unit I painted at the start of this project.

A line of Russians

Advancing in column

For some reason Hinton Hunt Russian figures are the hardest to come by in my experience. Apart from this unit I have a regiment of Pavlovski grenadiers (really looking forward to painting those), a single squadron of cavalry and one gun crew. It’s a small contingent but the figures are amongst my favourites – I hope to get them all painted up in time for the World Cup in 2018!

“Come on comrades, quick march!”

You will be pleased to hear that I have nearly finished those French grenadiers and I will post on them next. I did however have a bit of a mishap whilst painting them when I managed to knock over my pot of Foundry 47a Copper Wash. It was a slow motion moment as the little tidal wave of brown paint made its way towards me down the desk - the question was do I save my jeans or the carpet? I opted for my jeans – wrong!

The wonderful new carpet effect I have perfected plus the offending pot of 47a

Throughout the whole drama our old labrador Snuff (who you may remember shares my study) remained singularly unhelpful. There was no Lassie style rush to my rescue with kitchen roll or a damp sponge, in fact she just looked rather annoyed at all the commotion.

Not Lassie

Those of you who have read back through my older posts may have noted that this is not the first time that I have had an incident with my 47a Copper Wash. I knocked over my last pot almost three years ago to the day, that time however I managed to keep most of it off the carpet and out of Mrs S’s line of vision. I fear I have not been so lucky on this occasion.


Stokes Schwartz said...

There is nothing so vengeful as a woman onto whose carpet hobby paints have spilled. . . or something like that. But the Russian grenadiers are stunning!

Best Regards,


Stryker said...

Hi Stokes - actually she has been surprisingly good about it but mostly because it will speed up the process of acquiring a new carpet for my study and the hall and stairs. The main problem (for me) is that we have all our books in three book cases that fill the entire wall on one side of the room. Moving them and all the books for the carpet fitter will be a nightmare!


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Cool story...know what its like to spill paint, horrible feeling, love your stuff

Sharon said...

Not to mention actually painting and decorating the hall and stairs and laying some oak flooring in the hallway. Punishment enough for a paint spill I think!

Stryker said...


The Old Metal Detector said...

If it was a Foundry pot shouldn't you have to spill two more pots of slightly differnt shades on top to get your carpet stain looking authentic?


Stryker said...

Believe me Clive, it's authentic enough...

Lee said...

Poor old Snuff, she's keeping her head down clearly! (lovely dog Ian).

I'm an expert at spilling red wine over my favourite old books as you may recall but no spilt paint as yet luckily.

Looks like you have been 'busted' :-)


Oh, and the Russians are excellent!

lewisgunner said...

I love the Russians and I love Clive's comment!!!

Very nice unit. Do you paint commercially... (Apart from on textiles) I have some Russians who need to look like yours!


Stryker said...

Roy, I'd love to paint your Russians for you but sadly they wouldn't be ready until after the 2018 World Cup. If you want me to have a go at your carpet, that's a different story...