Saturday, 6 November 2010

Nassau Grenadiers

I managed to get them varnished and based up during the week and ready for a parade today. So here they are:

21 x NN/2 Nassau Grenadier (charging)
3 x NN/3 Nassau Officer (charging) – one converted as a standard bearer

The figures are vintage Hinton Hunt castings and all but one (no prizes for guessing which one) were painted by Matt Golding.

The full battalion on parade

Bionic-hand man waves the flag

About face!

Inclining to the left (really I should have stuck them on the diagonal but that’s a bit fiddly). It’s bugging me slightly but I won’t re-base them, er, not today anyway...

I’m very pleased with them and they are a useful addition to my Hinton Hunt army especially as they can be used to fight either with or against the French. I suppose that given recent developments in the entente cordiale it would probably be best if I choose the latter option, as my British forces may no longer be available to fulfil that role.


Lee said...

They look great Ian. The 'bionic hand'is nicely made. Lovely unit.


Anonymous said...

Very nice all based up!


Paul said...

A very nice looking unit

They look much better in close order than spread out on bigger bases, definitely the way to go !
quiet impressed with the sculpting job on the ensigns hand too,, well done


Stryker said...

Hi Paul - I really do like to have the figures based as close together as possible for that mass napoleonic effect. However it does present problems with the charging and firing figures as it means carefully arranging them on the diagonal so that the bayonets of the seceond rank don't stab the backs of the first rank. In this case I stuck the bases square on as an easier option but it does mean the figures are all looking to their left!

Paul said...

Hi Ian
If you have a close look at those BN 5 figures from the WHC you will notice
they are all looking left as well !

i tried to mount 6 BN 5 on a 40 x 30 base and it was very difficult to do it any other way


Rafael Pardo said...

really the positioning in a wargaming base is a critical issue. In many aocassions you must to choose between historical or pictorial arranging

The Old Metal Detector said...

Perhaps you should have a special rule for this unit requiring them to move like Ray Wilkins across the field of battle...

Stryker said...

Hi Clive - I'm afraid my football knowledge is sketchy but I presume you mean they move from right to left? This is ok unless they start the game deployed on the extreme left flank of the army!

Good to hear from you...


Ken said...

Nice looking figures, great looking bases too. When I complete my prussian army I intend on starting the anglo-allied.


The Old Metal Detector said...


paulalba said...

Have a soft spot for the Nassau, Really interesting uniform.
Very nice figures Ian,

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Very nice paintwork

Stryker said...

Yes it is - but on this occasion I can't take any credit for it. Thanks for the comments.