Monday, 19 April 2010

Getting sorted

I managed to find time yesterday to fix the display cabinet to the wall of my new study/hobby room. I’m still a little way off resuming painting but I hope to unpack all the Hinton Hunts soon and get them back into the cabinet at least.

The display cabinet in situ in my new study. You can just make out some of the troops waiting patiently in boxes full of the dreaded poly-beads on the bookshelves.

The display cabinet is pretty neat because the shelves have a mirrored back to them so you can view the front and rear of the figures at the same time. The whole thing is covered with an easy to remove Perspex case and all the fixings are cleverly hidden so it looks nice and sleek. The only figure on show at the moment is marshal Ney because he came into my possession just before our move and after the rest of the lads had already been packed away.

Marshal Ney - a rather dashing if somewhat lonely figure at the moment.

Back in the early 70s my Dad helped me make a wooden cabinet for my original Hinton Hunt collection. It was a bit more rough and ready than this one but it had sliding glass doors and was big enough to take my entire HH Prussian army plus my Minifigs ECW Royalist army.

The next problem – as several of you have helpfully pointed out – is how to extract the figures from their transit boxes and the grip of those poly-beads.

A quick update in response to DC’s query about the supplier of my display cabinet. I can’t find the exact item with the mirrored back on their website anymore but this is the nearest one. The company is called “Acrylic Display Cases” (clever name eh?) and they can custom make them. Not cheap but they are the bee’s knees!


Rafael Pardo said...

It seems like you made the house moving without serious troubles, so.... congratulations!

Stryker said...

Thanks Rafa - it went pretty smoothly really. I'm looking forward to resuming painting the little chaps soon.


Iain said...

Hi Ian, About time you applied yourself to the more important aspects of unpacking - I look forward to the resumption of activities on your blog (have you seen the prices HHs are fetching on Ebay at the moment?).
Regards, Iain.

Stryker said...

Hi Iain - I promise that I will be posting the "real stuff" again as soon as poss! I haven't looked at eBay for a couple of months but even then the prices were a little crazy - especially when you consider how much non-genuine HH is about!


DC said...


The new study looks good (mine is full of junk and sorely lacking in shelf space). Is that display case a commercial offering? If so, can you tell us where you got it? Cheers.

Lee said...


Good to see you back posting again and I'm looking forward to you picking up the paintbrush again.A shot of that cabinet with the HH's in there once unpacked would be great?

Can I ask what sort of price those old figures are fetching now days? I have no idea but I would imagine it must be fairly high given the vintage.

All the best,


Stryker said...

DC - yes it is a commercially available display cabinet but I can't remember the maker. I will dig it out and post a link.

Lee - Vintage HH 20mm stuff is going for a pretty penny on eBay. I have seen a single figure go for as much as sixty quid! It's a shame really because these figures are meant to be played with and not locked away in a vault. I'm just glad that I collected most of my figures a couple of years ago when things were a bit more sensible.


lewisgunner said...

Cabinet too small mate!!
At the very least you should have set it to the side to make way for another!!