Sunday, 11 October 2009

Galloping at everything

General Ponsonby has just held a full review of the British heavy cavalry. From left to right: The Grey's, The Blue's, The Inniskilling's, The Royal's (click on any image for a close up).

The Blue's and The Grey's sweep past on their fine chargers.

The Duke and Copenhagen enjoy the show.

Captain Mercer fires a one-gun salute for the Duke of Wellington.

Ponsonby leads out the Grey's.

How the Brigade might have appeared on a wargame table back in the 1960s'


Rafael Pardo said...

A great view
It seems to me that British Guard cavalry was not present in the Peninsular, when Wellington said his famous sentence. However, they behave at Waterloo in the same old way than their comrades: like glorious fools, so the sentence would be also of application!

lewisgunner said...

Brilliant mate . Parading is at least half the fun. Its lovely to see the toys out on the table in force!


Paul said...

Hi Ian
The lad's look very impressive enmasse

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I really like the b&w photo - very evocative!

Stryker said...

Thanks chaps - glad you all liked the show!


lewisgunner said...

What's next Ian. Are you going to make a diorama of a flogging so you can form your foot in square around it??


Stryker said...

Roy - I think a flogging may be a bit harsh on these old castings. More likely I will hold the 'annual' full review at some point soon.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff! Especially the "Scotland Forever" type shot!