Saturday, 22 August 2009

More Dragoons

Having been inspired by the final look of the Inniskillings I decided to fish out my DK British Dragoons and give them a make over. These are more of the figures supplied by Don in the US which I have touched up and re-based rather than give them the full re-painting treatment.

The figure is listed in the Der Kreigspielers catalogue as 825-215 British Royal Dragoon and seems fairly unique in that it does not bear any resemblance to its Hinton Hunt counterpart. It does however have the same general look and stance as a generic one-piece HH charging cavalry model (although obviously this is pure coincidence). As with all DK figures they are a bit thin when stood next to HH models and are very definitely 2nd line troopers.

This unit will represent a Squadron of the 1st Royal Dragoons and join the Inniskillings and Grey’s to form a proper Union Brigade. I’m still working on the Blues and I also have a battery of Royal Horse Artillery in the pipeline so all in all General Ponsonby will have a respectable force of British Heavy Cavalry to command.


Anonymous said...

I bet these can rout unpainted Airfix cavalry!

lewisgunner said...

Just a cynic's quuestion Ian. How far does this figure look like a HH Scots Grey charging with the head replaced by the head of the English dragoon trotting??

Stryker said...

Matt - this is how it works, all die rolls modified as follows:

Hinton Hunt +3
Der Kreigspielers +1
Painted Plastic -1
Unpainted Plastic -3

Roy - Cynical indeed but then again you may have a point!


Rafael Pardo said...

Waiting for the Blues!

lewisgunner said...

Rafa, If you are waiting for the Blues then best go down to the crossroads and get down on your knees. Failing that catch the Greyhound bus to Clarksdale.