Sunday, 19 October 2008

1776 and all that (Off Topic #5)

I have just been rearranging my display cabinet (trying to squeeze in a few more Hintons) and in the process had to remove some of my 15mm AWI collection. I had forgotten how nice these figures are and decided to hold a review before consigning them to a storage box.

Most of the figures are Stone Mountain plus the odd one from Irregular Miniatures and Frei Korps. The Stone Mountain figures are very spindly and at the time I bought them I thought they looked suitably 18th Century making a nice change from the Minifigs style I was used to. The figures of Washington and his staff are from the excellent Frei Korps personality range.

I lived in Boston for 3 months towards the end of 1976 and there was plenty of bicentennial stuff going on at the time. That experience has led me to lean towards favouring the Americans in this particular conflict even though I am generally a royalist. Poor King George never got over losing the colonies and I can see why as New England is a spectacularly beautiful place. On the other hand would you really want to rule over a country that could be so wasteful with tea?


lewisgunner said...

I too chose Stone Mountain for 1776. They meld well with Minifigs.
I also bought a fair few of their 20mm AWI, but have not got around to them yet.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

They are lovely - are you not tempted to keep them out if only for the odd game?? :o))

Anonymous said...

They may be tea-totallers (groan)? Or else they needed the cups for Jack Daniels (If so then I am definitely with the colonists!)
Either way, lovely collection.

Stryker said...

Thanks for the comments chaps.
Steve - I hope to play a game with them again sometime, only problem is that Cornwallis is currently in winter quarters about 100 miles away from here up the M5!