Monday, 30 June 2008

Royal North British Dragoons

You may have grown bored waiting for them but here at last are my Royal North British Dragoons – the Scots Grey’s. Six troopers mounted on the finest dapple-grey horses I have EVER painted. The figures are all vintage Hinton Hunt castings of BN49 Scots Grey’s Trooper Charging.

The models are one-piece castings from the horse-attached series, which as I’ve said before are something of an acquired taste. Excellent little models that I really enjoyed painting – once I got over the dapple dilemma.

Napoleon was greatly impressed with the Grey’s when he saw them in action during Waterloo apparently exclaiming “Qu’ils sont terribles, ces Chevaux Gris”. Now, I gave up trying to learn French at the age of thirteen but roughly translated I think this means “those blokes on the grey horses look a bit tough”.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Tough -- but very pretty at the same time. I really like these. Great painting!

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Lovely painting, excellent dapple effect! Its great to see those vintage castings getting a new lease of life.....I have a 1976Hinchliffe catalogue that I have been browsing through recently and this blog has started me thinking!!

Whats next on the painting table?

All the best,


Stryker said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Lee – next up are the Austrians. This will be a 24 figure composite unit made up of a company of Grenadiers and three companies of Musketeers. The Grenadiers are waiting patiently in black undercoat whilst I have momentarily been distracted by some 28mm Gripping Beast Carthaginians. I try hard to resist this type of distraction but I’m sure you know what it’s like. Hinchcliffe would make a great project – I considered it myself before embarking on this one as the Hinton’s were proving so hard to find.


Anonymous said...

Blooming Great Sir!!!


P.S. Because of you, I have purchased a number of Hinchcliffe Napoleonics! At the weekend I will be dusting off my set of "In The Grand Manner" rules. And its all your fault!

Stryker said...

Sorry about that Matt.
However, it's all your fault that I bought a copy of "Waterloo to Mons" and will very probably get diverted into buying some of those lovely Eureka Crimeans!