Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Off Topic #1

‘That looks nice.’ said Mrs S.
‘Yes, it’s Robert E Lee on his faithful horse Traveller.’ says I.
‘Are you going to put it on your blog?’
‘No, I can’t do that it’s not Hinton Hunt.’
‘It’s your blog you can do what you like!’
‘Good point.’ I thought.

The mounted figures are 15mm ACW figures by Freikorp. Their series of personality figures are full of character and I just had to paint ole’ Bobby Lee. The foot figure is a Polly Oliver 15mm (more like 18mm) Rebel infantryman now produced by AB figures. These have to be absolutely the best 15mm ACW figures ever produced.

The group forms a command stand for a Fire & Fury project I am (slowly) working on. My aim is to produce enough figures to play a game based on the fight for Henry House Hill. Now, I know Lee wasn’t present at Bull Run but as FreiKorp don’t produce a figure for Beauregard he will be standing in. After all, who ever heard of playing an ACW game without Lee?


Anonymous said...

...and you a Union Man says I, while humming "Rally Round The Flag, Boys"...

Post Meade and once again you can sing "The Battle Cry of Freedom"!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stryker said...

Well I have to have a few Rebs for my boys to shoot at!
I don't have Meade but I will post McClellan and Hooker to balance things up. Meantime let me lead you in a couple of rousing choruses of "Marching through Georgia"...

Steve said...

...thanks for the heads up on the AB range - I'm in the very beginnings of a 15mm ACW project myself so always on the lookout for good figure idea's.... I'd recommend the Peter Pig range as well...

Steve said...

...thanks for the link to the 211 Squadron site - that was interesting reading... only 18"!